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The contemporary world is deeply imbedded and influenced by digital interventions, connecting millions of individuals living across varied geographical terrains.

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These digital modes powered by internet ensures connectivity and harmonious flow of information through it, enabling and empowering people to make more conscious decisions while becoming a part of the global community of “learners”.

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Advent and mass adoption of social media platforms in the early 20th century has ushered in a new era of online engagement through these mediums.

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Apart from serving as alternative entertainment for its user's social media platforms also offer lucrative marketing opportunities to many business firms.

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Consumers of today are presented with a plethora of choices to invest their times and energies in, ranging from dating apps like “Tinder” to apps like “Instagram” and “Facebook” that provides for people to socialize and reconnect virtually with their friends and families as its value proposition, to apps like “Remedo” and “Practo” that allow you to seek medical advice with just one click of your phone.

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Virtual channels like “YouTube” which was earlier conceived as a mere “video-sharing site” has now metamorphosized into a herculean platform both in size and revenue which allows millions of users to stream videos free of charge across diverse genres. Individuals who are popularly referred to as “YouTubers” create content and share it with their community of supporters.

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YouTube has since long hosted a number of successful your tubers on its platform that have made a profitable career-making specifically curated content for the channel.

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They create like brand endorsements, book deals and a community of millions of loyal supporters or “YouTube subscribers”. pewdiepie alone has an estimated 102 million subscribers on youtube making him one of the most influential you tuber of times.

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Such ‘influencers’ shape and re-align the latest trend in the industry and are usually responsible for affecting the mindset of their followers, hence responsible content is always encouraged and promoted by the authorities.

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Youtube subscribers often subscribe to a channel with which they can relate to whether it’s in terms of entertainment or intellectual needs, however, this never-ending swamp of YouTubers resorting to unfair or even illegal means to gather as many as possible subscribers for monetary gains is on the rise in recent times.

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While youtube subscribers also, on the other hand, consider the content creator at their mercy hauling abuses and disappointments on their channel which often results in traumatizing the YouTubers.

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This never-ending need to acquire more subscribers is not going to be satiated any time soon, with more and more people experimenting with the idea of “YouTubing”.

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Some do it to vent out suppressed emotions, some as a hobby or to satisfy an unrequited passion, whatever be the reason one must ensure responsible attitude towards the world of the digital content creation, whether it’s you tuber or the subscriber.

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